Monday, June 30, 2014

Artists and Healers

Since 1991, we’ve been creating whimsical jewelry for wonderful people. Groom and I, studying energy healing, used to infuse our designs with intention and love. Without advertising this idea, it was fascinating to see how quickly the pieces we imbued with healing energy were snapped up. Later those same customers would report back how good they felt while wearing their selected items, and often wanted more. We started to view this practice as a living lab.

While selling our jewelry at Art Fairs, most conversations in the booth would begin by people declaring how much they wished they could create art for a living. From there, the exchanges inevitably revolved around me asking in return, “If you could do anything you wanted in the world, and money was not in the way, what would you do?” The answers were always fascinating and usually concluded with wanting to be artists or healers.

In retrospect, it is not surprising we attracted people whose secret desires were to be artists and healers considering we were infusing art with healing energy.

After 20 years of creating art, we felt a new calling on our lives. Not knowing what it was, we followed our intuition and guidance anyway. This led us to Portland, where we retired the jewelry (by giving it all away), and went through a period of transition and a testing of our faith.

Suddenly, and I do mean suddenly -- one day I did not know this stuff and the next day I did -- I received what I can only call a “download.” It was an unexpected gift of information about people’s energy fields, what I was shown to be the “Grid.” I am now able to perceive people’s energy Grids and pinpoint specific blockages and essential elements, especially around money. The purpose is to help remove the blockages and retrieve the missing pieces.

People started to show up out of the blue to have me work with them, and the results have been beyond my expectations, and theirs. Would it surprise you to learn that most of the people who come to us are, you guessed it, artists, healers and transformational authors, speakers and coaches?

In the meantime, we’ve taken lots of classes; I’ve been certified as a Passion Test Facilitator, Life Coach and Law of Attraction Practitioner (makes our Insurance Agent and Attorney happy), and we are both currently learning more about business and marketing. And, Groom built us a new website.

If you’re interested in learning more, follow this link to Heal Your

From there you can download our free eBook (oh yeah, I also started writing again), peruse our list of services, follow the new blog and generally get caught up on our 1.5 year hiatus.    

Monday, November 29, 2010


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Monday, November 22, 2010

Time To Update

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Making The Move

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Stranded on the "Isle of Nothingness" or Why We Went To a UO Basketball Game

While I didn’t drink the bleach water, the momentary, well, despair if I’m maximizing and disappointment if I minimize my emotional response to the news, made it awfully tempting.

If you’ve been reading the last few entries then you know (and if you haven’t, here’s a brief recap) that Groom and I are in the throes of being creative on demand. Yeah, that always works…

The clock is ticking for us to design half a dozen pieces of jewelry to be professionally photographed for the 2011 art show jurying season which opened November 1st. Each day that passes puts us further behind.

We had until Friday (yesterday) to complete the mini collection and present them to our East Coast consultant. I wrote here a few days ago, that if we were given the green light by this expert, the next step would be to ship the artwork to New York for their walk down the runway. If we were booed off the stage, I might drown my sorrows in bleach water.

Thumbs down was the review. We don’t pay the consultant to be nice or to tell us what we want to hear. We pay him to be brutal, to view our designs with a discerning and critical eye, to play judge and jury while there’s still room to make improvements rather than having the actual art jury exclude us from shows and by default, our income.

While he did not like the direction our created-in-a-pressure-cooker-work was taking, we sent him photographs of things we had made over the summer, which, surprisingly he liked. He even went as far as describing several of them as having that “wow factor,” and used adjectives such as rich, heraldic and imperial. A sharp contrast to a few other adjectives that he used about our initial jurying pieces.

The outcome of this consultation was that he advised using a couple of older pieces (circa June or July) and selecting elements from them to design the rest of the aggravation, er um, I mean aggregation.

I just finished a book called The Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin and she suggests that when “your creative flow has dried up, leaving you deserted on the Isle of Nothingness,” then go do something else unrelated for a little while.

We took her advice and nothing could have been as unrelated in our bruised brains as going to a basketball game last night. A friend of ours works in the steel industry and had donor tickets so he invited us to attend the tip off game for the final 11 played at the University of Oregon’s historic Mac Court before they move to the newly finished Matthew Knight Arena.

The last time I was in McArthur Court was way back when Groom and I were registering for our senior year, pre-computers. We had to rush around on the basketball court like athletes ourselves, running to sign up for classes needed for graduation before others filled them up. The sweat, fear and anticipation smelled the same.

However, watching a live basketball game was a completely different, and, a surprisingly wonderful experience. I never, ever thought I’d cheer, clap, whoop and holler for five guys running around in squeaky shoes throwing a ball, but I’m glad I can still discover new things about myself. Prevents getting bored being me.

While having a delicious pre-game dinner at The Vintage and then watching the exciting, close game with North Dakota State (tied 84-84 and then going into overtime to finally win 97-92), Groom and I completely let go of thoughts about forcing creation and have decided to play today, allowing the natural evolution of our ideas to emerge.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


“One and one are sometimes eleven.” – K. Miri

What? Two blog entries in two consecutive days? Must be the alignment of the date being 11/11. It is also Veteran’s Day; a National Holiday set aside to remember those who have served their country, thank you.

Groom and I spent all day yesterday developing our ideas for creating the jurying pieces for the 2011 (ah ha, there’s that number again) Art Fairs and Festival season. We have until tomorrow to complete them, so game on!

But first, we must sustain our strength by nibbling crumpets and sipping tea, also known as taking elevenses.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Creative Deadlines

The response to our intention of changing the blog from the weekly posting schedule to a more random, spontaneous format is making me laugh. One person sighed with relief as she let slip, “Oh good, your entries are SO long,” while another lamented that she wanted them even longer.

So while the idea in the very near future is to have much shorter musings with a photograph or two posted every day or so, this meantime finds us in a pressure cooker. We have until Friday to come up with a concept for jurying; a theme and focus which ties our different pieces together that we will have professionally photographed and then made Zapplication ready for the purpose of applying to the 2011 Art Fairs and Festivals.

This brief timeline until Friday is not just for coming up with ideas, it is also the countdown until we have transformed these various possibilities into actual photogenic pieces of jewelry, camera ready for their close ups.

We have an appointment to send preliminary snapshots of these gestating objets d’art to a consultant on the East Coast for his judgment, hence the fierce deadline. If he gives us the green light, then the collection can be shipped to New York for their photo session.

If we are given the red light, booed off the stage so to speak, then we must go back to the drawing board. If that were to happen, you’ll probably find me drowning my sorrows in a bucket of bleach water, scrubbing the floors like Cinderella pre-ball, or Joan Crawford a la Mommy Dearest.

So cross your fingers gentle readers, that today and tomorrow (Wednesday and Thursday) bring inspiration and that time opens itself up and reveals hidden and secret caves to play in and that by Friday morning we’ll emerge victorious.

a plus tard (see ya later)